Chronology of events related to Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi

1528 Babar’s commander, Mir Baqi, builds the mosque 1859 British administrator erects fence to separate the places of worship, with the inner court to be used by Muslims and outer court by Hindus 1885 The Janam Asthan suit of Mahant Raghubardas, seeking

SC Refuses Complete Banned On Sale Of Firecrackers; PESO Directed to Review the Clinical Composition of Firecrackers, Station House Officer of Concerned Police Station to be Liable Personally for Violation.

The Supreme Court has ruled against imposing complete ban on firecrackers but has said that only less polluting green crackers can be sold, that too only through licensed traders. The Court has banned online sale of firecrackers, restraining e-commerce websites

Union minister Maneka Gandhi proposes 4-member panel to look into #MeToo cases

Women and child development minister, Maneka Gandhi today Proposed a four member committee of retired judges to be formed to conduct public hearings of all the #MeToo cases. The committee will look into the legal and institutional framework which is

The Mental Healthcare Act 2017

In the year 2016, the parliament passed the Mental Health Care Bill which aimed to seek better healthcare facilities, laid down the rules and rights of persons having any kind of mental illnesses in India. This bill is better and

ડ્રાઇવીંગ લાયસન્સ

ડ્રાઇવીંગ લાયસન્સ માટે ખોટો ખર્ચ કરવાને બદલે આ રીત અપનાવવા જેવી   આજકાલના ફાસ્ટ યુગમા કોઇની પાસે સમય નથી અથવા કહો કે પુરતી સમજણ નથી અને તસ્દી લેવી નથી એટ્લે જન્મ પ્રમાણપત્રથી લઈને ડ્રાઇવીંગ લાયસન્સ કઢાવવા સુધીના દરેક સરકારી કાર્ય


India has some of the finest provisions to safeguard animals in the world. For example, did you know it is illegal to relocate stray dogs that have been spayed? Or that it is illegal to incite or organize animal fights?

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi

The Chief Justice of India, Justice Ranjan Gogoi is the first person from the Northeast to claim a top position at the judiciary. President Ram Nath Kovind appointed Justice Gogoi as the 46th CJI and is set to assume office on October 3.

Devotion Cannot Be Subjected To Gender Discrimination, SC Allows Women Entry In Sabarimala.

The Supreme Court has delivered one of the most keenly awaited judgment in Sabarimala case. by a 4:1 majority, the Court has permitted entry of women of all age groups to the Sabarimala temple, holding that ‘devotion cannot be subjected


According to the adultery law, a man can be punished for having a sexual relationship with a married woman without the consent of her husband. The petitioners want Section 497 of the IPC to be made gender neutral. In India,

Sections 33(2), 47 & 57 Of Aadhaar Act Struck Down; National Security Exception Gone; Private Entities Cannot Demand Aadhaar Data.

The Supreme Court pronounced its verdict on a clutch of petitions challenging the constitutional validity of the Aadhaar Act in which it upheld the constitutional validity of Aadhaar, but put restrictions on its use. A five-judge bench, led by Chief Justice of

આ દીકરી દિવસ, અધિકારોને લગતા ભારતીય કાયદા અને દીકરીના જવાબદારીઓ વિશે જાણો.

હિંદુ કાયદો હિંદુ ઉત્તરાધિકાર અધિનિયમ, 1956 સુધી 2005 માં સુધારેલા, પુત્રો અને પુત્રીઓના સંપત્તિના અધિકારો અલગ હતા. જ્યારે પુત્રોએ તેમના પિતાની મિલકત પર સંપૂર્ણ અધિકાર મેળવ્યો, પુત્રીઓએ લગ્ન કર્યા ત્યાં સુધી જ આ અધિકારનો આનંદ માણ્યો. લગ્ન પછી, એક પુત્રી તેના

This Daughter’s Day, Know the Indian Laws Relating to Rights and Obligations of a Daughter.

Hindu Law Until the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, was amended in 2005, the property rights of sons and daughters were different. While sons had complete right over their father's property, daughters enjoyed this right only until they got married. After

Mere Delay in Forwarding FIR Copy to the Magistrate Will Not Vitiate the Trial, Reiterates Supreme Court.

In the event the report is submitted with delay or due to any lapse, the trial shall not be affected. The Supreme Court has reiterated that mere delay in sending the report under Section 157 CrPC to the Magistrate itself,


जीरो FIR क्या होती है? जीरो FIR से जुड़ी कुछ महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी आपको दी जा रही है I जिसकी जानकारी प्रत्येक व्यक्ति को होना आवश्यक है I अक्सर FIR दर्ज करते वक्त आगे की कार्यवाही को सरल बनाने हेतु इस

Consensual Adult Gay Sex is No More a Crime

A new dawn for personal liberty is a major victory for the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community that has been fighting hard and persistently to legalise gay sex. SC today decriminalises the section 377 with reference to Gay sex.

Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985

India is known as the land of Shiva, has inherited cultural routes with most mysterious and eccentric ways of worshiping lords. One of these is using bhang a form of cannabis for celebrating religious festival named as Shivaratri. “Soma” is